The Proskuneo School of the Arts is looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Hosts/Hostesses [ongoing 2012] Whenever the school is open (2-8pm weekdays; 9a-2:30p Saturdays) we want to have someone (individual or family) that will serve as a host. The host will welcome students, provide snacks, help with homework, visit with families of students, etc. 2-5 hour shifts available.
  • Donation Ambassadors [ongoing] Would you be willing to go to local music stores, and/or your circle of friends to solicit donations of musical instruments, art supplies, etc? (More information on PSOTA Donations

If you are willing to give time and energy in one of the above ways, please email: psota@proskuneo.org


psota@proskuneo.org   |   3895 Church St. Clarkston, GA 30021   |

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