Proskuneo Mission Statement


We exist to glorify God…We do not seek to make a name for ourselves, or our organization, but to draw attention to the name of Jesus Christ, and to His glory.

…and promote unity in the body of Christ…It is not our responsibility to create unity, or to give unity.  Unity exists first and foremost in the heart of GOD. He is one with Himself. The Trinity is the perfect picture of unity and diversity. Unity comes from GOD and He has already given His church unity. It is our desire to experience it and our passion to preserve it.

…through multilingual,…In the last few years, we have ministered in the following languages (some moreso than others): Arabic, ASL, Chinese, Congolese, Creole, Emberá, English, French, Hindi, Kazak, Korean, Macedonian, Pokomchi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, & Yoruba.

…multicultural…Culture is defined as an integrated system of learned patterns of ideas, values, language, and behavior which are characteristic of a group or society. We are intentionally avoiding the term “multi-ethnic” because it carries with it the concepts of race and nationality. We recognize that two people could look exactly the same on the outside (they are of the same race), but be distinct culturally.

For example:  A South Korean raised in Korea is culturally very different from a South Korean adopted by American parents and raised in the U.S. We also recognize that two people could be of the same race, live in the same house, and still be culturally distinct. For example: There are many Mexican families in which the parents were born and raised in Mexico, but their children were born and raised in the U.S. Mom and Dad speak little to no English, and the children speak little to no Spanish. Though all family members live in the same house and are of the same ethnicity (full-blooded Mexican), talking to them will reveal that they are from very different cultures. We also recognize that different denominations have differing worship cultures. It may be as foreign for Episcopalians to worship with Charismatics as it would be for Russians to worship with Brazilians.

…worship gatherings…

  • whenever any number (large or small) of believers assemble to worship…
  • It could be in a living room or in a stadium…
  • It could be a Japanese church coming together with a Liberian church…
  • It could be one church that has multiple congregations or diverse culture groups choosing to worship together a couple times a year…

…worship resources…

  • songs, lyrics, translations, chords
  • cd’s, dvd’s
  • devotionals and stories,
  • people connections,
  • teaching resources, writings, articles
  • photographs, artwork,
  • prayers, readings, and other creative worship ideas

…and training…We teach songwriting, worship leading, cross-cultural conflict resolution, biblical foundations of worship, private lessons in the arts, etc. through conferences, retreats, our Proskuneo Worship Institute, classes, leadership mentoring, consulting, our Proskuneo School of the Arts, one-on-one discipleship, etc.

…in order that lives may be transformed…We recognize that GOD is truly concerned with our hearts. It is not enough for us to sit next to each other in a worship service if our hearts are not towards each other. We are not satisfied with surface unity. We believe that GOD’s truth and His presence change lives. Unless lives are changed, true unity will never result.

…and nations come together to worship GOD. Throughout scripture we see God’s heart for the nations. He told Abraham that “all the nations will be blessed” because of him. The angel brought the shepherds good tidings of great joy for all people. Jesus said that His Father’s house was to be a “house of prayer for all nations.” Finally, we see a culmination in Revelation 5 and 7 when worshipers from every tribe, language, people and nation will gather before the throne praising GOD. We believe that the nations coming together to worship GOD is inevitable. It will happen in heaven. And we are praying and striving for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.